Hot hot hot

So… I tried to write about men today. Men in love. But it was like 40°C (which is about 104°F) out there! That’s hell for me. I don’t like too much heat. Except for heat in books. Preferably between two guys 😉

But transferring the outside heat onto the pages to give my men some hot, steamy moments proved to be harder than I thought it would be. My brain was just frying in it’s shell. And the baby cats loved to claw my naked legs dangling under the table and climbing me. Oh, those obstacles today!

Yes I’m a drama queen, I know. Then I gave up on creating something nice things for my waiting guys and used the relative coolness of the living room to work on this cute little blog. We have our starting problems but I think someday soon we’ll get along better.

Currently I’m working on my first book. At least I hope it’ll be a book when it’s all grown up and out of his diapers 🙂 It’s about two very different men, searching for the one guy to hold onto and trying to trust when they’re faced with the possibility of love. As we all know, trusting isn’t that easy, especially when you’ve been hurt in the past. The first draft is finished already and counts about 45.000 words. I’m very proud of my little baby. When I started scribbling about those two guys talking and nagging inside my head, I never thought I’d get this far.

My first and only reader till now loves it and is getting restless about new stories. So now I have to polish this first draft. Checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. Adding some more things here and there. When it’s done, I can send it away. My little baby, out there alone in the world! I’ve no idea if there’s a chance to get it published but all I can do is try. And try some more 🙂 There is still the possibility of self-publishing.

What else am I up to? Well those two guys have friends! And they’re lonely too. Currently I have ideas for four more books related to this first one. You can check under WIP how they’re coming along. The titles presented are all working titles and they can change along the way. I’m kind of cautious to reveal sneak peeks or things about their content right now because I really would like to publish them officially someday. This blog is no instrument to self-publish my stories but to let others know about my days, my struggle with the writing process, the many problems with those stubborn men in my head, and my proceedings in general.


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