Prince found

Sommer 2014 417

Today turned out to be a tiny bit cooler but the weather ping-ponged between humid and rainy. While I chased the baby cats through the garden I found this little guy. He just screams PRINCE, doesn’t he? But before you ask: No, I didn’t kiss him. With my luck he turns out to be a prince in search of another prince. And how depressing would that be? For both of us 😉

So I only asked him for a quick photo shooting and imagine my surprise when he agreed! The picture turned out great I think. He has really stunning eyes. I hope you find your prince, cutie!

What have I done today except for scaring amphibians? I checked my first book for more mistakes. It’s an ongoing and slow process but necessary because, holy crap, sometimes my fingers are asleep while I try to write. I have no other explanation for some of the things I found today.

Now I need a break from correcting and checking everything double and decided to write a chapter for the second book. Oh and I’m going to send the first two chapters for a first opinion to my very dear friend. I hope she likes it 🙂

Good night!


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