Berries or pudding? Both!!

Sommer 2014 433

It’s cranberry time! I like those round little things, especially when they’re dried. Hmm… delicious. These I found and photographed in the garden. In case you wonder why they’re so small, it’s the European variety because – big revelation – I live in Europe 🙂 Mom has one tiny thing of a shrub. Just for decoration I guess and because it looks pretty. Yeah… we women like pretty things, no matter if they’re useful. Could be the reason why we’re still bothering with men. 😉

Oh damn, another scorching hot day today. And I slept like crap because of heat-induced headache. But I put on my big-girl-panties, fired up the computer and look! I actually managed to write some real good stuff today. At least I hope it’s good. I closed some very annoying holes in two chapters of my second book.

My dear friend and always first reader likes the first two chapters *fist-pump* She adores Mason, my nutty hero *double-fist-pump* and demands more 🙂 So I’m proud to say that I finished till chapter seven and will probably write some more today. Depends on my muse. She’s a fickle bitch though. Maybe I can soothe her with some vanilla pudding. Love that stuff.

I wish all of you a nice evening, whether it’s hot or cold where you’re residing!


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