Sleep, where are thou?

Sommer 2014 347


Like the baby cats, I desperately need some sleep. I’m back from a looong weekend with friends and although it was fun, I’m exhausted. Problem is, my fingers itch just as much! There was no quiet moment to sneak away and write down some ideas. The buggers tend to pop up at the most unsuitable moments and now my head is full of them. I have a fancy little book – yes, with ancient paper pages – to write my ideas down quickly when the urge rises. But that’s not very practical in a huge group of friends. Anyway, now I’m back and try to feed my computer with hot, sizzling things 😉 

The first book of my planned series is finished and I sent it to my friend and proofreader today. Very exciting! I plan to finish book two and three before I submit the first one to a publisher. A bit of browsing the net helped with this decision. I read it’s better to have a few books finished if you plan to establish a series. Gives the publisher time to plan the whole thing and me the time to continue writing without getting crazy and pulling my hair out. I’m really fond of my hair 😉

So let’s hope Mason cooperates. He’s a bitchy thing sometimes, but with a glass of wine for me and a martini for him, he eventually gives in. Jeremy is a real darling compared to his mate. You just have to love opposites! 

Have a nice morning/day/evening wherever you are!


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