Naughty boys

Sommer 2014 418So, I finished the second book of my series some days ago and my Beta is thrilled! She says she’s in love with Mason šŸ™‚ I can perfectly understand that because he’s a real sweetheart.

Now I want to continue with Jeremy’s roomie Calvin. The boy has a problem with his attitude and I’m so going to turn his world upside down. There is just one tiny problem. Gregory, Anthony’s evil twin from book one, entered my mind with a battle axe and demanded that I give him some credit. And a man as well. I found the man. I wrote a rough draft of the first three chapters. But I made it perfectly clear that he had to wait some time for his happy ending. There are two books before his. I really hope he undestands. This boy is petulant! Not at all like his good twin Anthony šŸ˜‰ Maybe he’ll let me play with Calvin and Leevi a bit now.

Have good day all of you!


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