Work, work…. and work?

August 2014 012


One of the baby cat’s was ill this weeks. His brother was probably a bit to rough with him during play-time. So the little guy was allowed inside the house to rest. Three days in a row he slept in my lap, about ten hours each day and only interrupted to take a pee or eat. Then I noticed the little bugger was simulating his limp on the third day. Awesome! In my next life I want to be a cat. Maybe I’ll write something about cat-shifters. Could be cute 🙂 

What’s happening in my books? A lot!!! I’m about to finish my third book. It’s much longer than the first one and that got me thinking. There’s a lot of stuff happening off page in the first part and now I decided to write it down. To extend the story and to give the characters more depth. I already have some ideas. So as soon as Calvin his happy I’ll return to Anthony and give him some more pages to fall in love with his man.

God night to all of you!


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