August 2014 533

I found this cute fella in mom’s garden last week, happily munching her precious thyme. She wasn’t very thrilled 😉

So, what new? I successfully extended my first book and now it’s like I wanted it to be! My beta is reading it now so we can eliminate the flaws and then I want to send it away! I’m so unbelievable excited 🙂 The other books are coming along pretty well too.

But what’s best? I finally found a job! Not in a library as I hoped, but in a local hotel. I’ll be a receptionist. Gone are the days of nothing but writing, but on the other hand I’ll finally be able to work and get my own money! What a relief! And I’m sure I’ll find enough time to continue writing. It’ll be a slower process but I won’t stop now. I love it too much and I want those guys out there in the open 🙂

Have a good day/night folks!


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