Cover Reveal for Don’t Read in the Closet 2015

Cover for DRitC10

Hi folks! Here it is, the cover for my contribution to this year’s Love is an Open Road Event. The title and MC names have been revealed in a group game a while ago, so I can share this with you now. As you can see, this is a dissertation about wild cats. NAHH! Just kidding 😀 “How to Catch a Cheetah” is about–suspense-packed drum roll–a cheetah shifter, Kei Hirota. Out on a run to stretch his legs, he “meets” his fated mate, an ostrich shifter named Djimon Akintola. And so their journey begins.

This will be a fun read, containing: 1) snarky, annoying cat shifters, 2) a slightly swamped, very big bird, and 3) Loooove

Did I mention snarky cats? Anyway, I crossed the 22k words border at the beginning of the week. When I started writing, I thought the whole story would come close to maybe 25k. BUT my MCs kicked my ass, nagging and bitching, and now it seems I’m only half way through. Oh, well, okay. 🙂 Those two guys deserve it! They’re cute, they’re lovely, they’re painstrikingly exhausting. Not only for me but for each other, too. Let’s just see where they’ll take me.

We have another month to complete out stories. However, I’m shooting for middle of April, for the story will need the attention of a beta, and then there’s the editing….you get the picture.

I’ll return to my guys now 🙂

Have a nice morning/day/evening ❤


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