Anthony’s Tailor

DSC04120Hi folks! So, I’ve just finished singing–although I really can’t sing for shit–and bouncing through my flat. Rooster & Pig Publishing accepted my novel, “Anthony’s Tailor”. It is, I hope, book one in a series about a circle of friends living and loving in Salisbury, Maryland, and will  come in early 2016.

I look forward to working with R&P! That’s so exciting 🙂 Especially because this book is the very first work I ever completed about a year ago. After that, my new hobby just took off, and I continued writing and writing. One day, I just decided to jump into the deep end and sent my manuscripts out in the world.

Now, the release of my short story, Marshmallows and the Snow (Sweet Snacks One), is only a few weeks away and it’s a thrilling experience. In addition, I submitted the second book in the Sweet Snacks series to eXtasy books 🙂 Squeee! And I won’t stop! As long as those guys in my head keep talking, I’ll write down their stories and, I hope, will share them with you.

I wish you all a wonderful morning/day/evening, wherever you are right now 🙂 Take care!



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