Review for Corey & Remy :)

Yay! Milky Coffee and Office Gossip got 5 stars from The TBR Pile! Thank you so much folks and a big hug to the reviewer, Laurie P. I’m honored!


Corey made a mistake at the office by pursuing a co-worker. Okay, the co-worker already had a boyfriend and it was more like stalking than pursuing. Corey has paid for that mistake everyday at the office since by the office gossips. Remington Yates is a lawyer, sent by his boss to Corey’s office for his next case. He’s a player, or at least he always has been before being doused in cold coffee by Corey.

Cute, sweet yet hot little story of an old fashioned wooing, I loved it. Loved the vulnerability that Corey showed. He has such a lack of self confidence from listening to all of office maliciousness. I loved how the Liza showed through old fashioned love letter Remy’s growth as a person and his realization that he needed to not only show Corey how he felt but to tell him as well. This is a fun, feel good story that you need to read.  


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