The Cats Are Back!



Just…OMG! I’ve got awesome news for all of you who’ve read How to Catch a Cheetah. Many wanted to know if I’d make this into a series. YES, I will. Alan and Thony’s story has found a home with eXtasy Books. *squeal* I’ll keep you posted about a possible release date as soon as I can, but right now the editor and I are busy working on it. The Panther’s Heart is the official first book of the Wildcat Hills Pride series. We will meet again with Kei and Djimon from How to Catch a Cheetah, as well as the couples’ adorable kids, Alpha Xander, and some new pride members. But most of all it’s the story of Alan and Thony’s love.

The story is dedicated to all the Goodreads members who encouraged me to turn this into a series. Without you, there wouldn’t be a story at all. You guys rock. *hugs*


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