The Beach Affair


Two men. One night. True love?

Drew is vacationing in sunny California, getting to know a father he hasn’t seen since he was two. Cal—a famous author of best-selling gay detective novels—needs a break from the glittering but cold world of fame that threatens to suffocate him. It’s only a night of fun for Cal when he hooks up with the much younger man who’s ogling him at the bar.

Or is it?

Emotions run wild when Cal has lunch with his best friend Anton and discovers Drew is Anton’s son. Torn between his fear of Anton’s reaction and his growing feelings for a man he’s just met, Cal has to decide whether he wants to give a holiday romance a chance or let it become just a pleasant memory.

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Oh, fuck me now.

Cal Richardson couldn’t take his eyes off the young man sitting beside him at the bar. The way he sucked his fruity cocktail through the straw was a blatant invitation that had Cal hard as a rock.

Cal knew he was out of practice. At forty-seven, he hated one-night stands for their anonymity and their lack of feeling. He’d gladly throw his principles out the window for a chance to feel those pouty lips suck his cock, though.

His best friend since kindergarten, Anton, would tell him to go for it. Cal felt so lonely and…cold. He cleared his throat and wriggled on his chair. “Hi, I’m Cal.”

“Drew.” The younger man held out his hand and grinned, revealing a perfect row of pearly white teeth. His voice betrayed a slight accent.

Cal felt a zing shoot through his arm as their hands touched. Drew had smooth, lightly tanned skin. His eyes were warm, and as blue as the ocean outside Cal’s bedroom window. He wore his long, honey-blond hair piled on his head in one of those messy buns one saw a lot of on the Internet these days. God, he was sinfully sexy.

“You look a little lost,” Drew said quietly. “Are you from around here?”

“I’ve got a house on the coastline, about five miles away. But I don’t go out much. What about you?”

Drew grinned. “I’m on vacation.” He slid his gaze up and down Cal’s body. The expression on his face was pure heat. It’d been years since anyone had looked at Cal with such interest.

Cal swallowed thickly and brushed a hand through his salt-and-pepper hair. Drew being here on vacation would make hooking up with him easy, right? Maybe they could spend a couple of days at Cal’s house, and…

He jumped when Drew placed his long-fingered hand on his arm and caressed his skin. “So, are you lost?”

“Maybe?” Cal croaked. “I’m more comfortable at home. But I’ve been feeling a little lonely lately. So my friend suggested I go out and…”

Drew chuckled. “And pick someone up to chase away the loneliness?”

“Something like that.”

“Well…” Drew slid closer until Cal felt the heat of his skin through both their thin shirts. “You’re handsome, and damn sexy. Will you give me a chance?”

Cal’s gaze was drawn to Drew’s tongue when he licked his lips. “A chance?” He wanted to slap himself upside the head. Thank God Drew obviously didn’t recognize him. Nobody would believe the old guy stammering through a hook-up like a horny teenager was the author of a whole series of best-selling novels. Put him close to a hot man and he turned into a dimwit who couldn’t string two sentences together.

“A chance to leave the bar with you,” Drew murmured into his ear.

The hair on the back of Cal’s neck rose, and a shiver raced through him. He closed his eyes against the rush of desire flooding his body, coiling in his groin…