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How to Catch a Cheetah – A Shapeshifter Romance and DRitC Story

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Kei Hirota, a cheetah shifter, is overjoyed when he stumbles across his mate while strolling in his shifted form. He can’t help himself and pounces on his mate, eager to get to know him. However, Djimon is less than thrilled when the pesky cat chases after him. As an ostrich shifter, he’s understandably wary of predator shifters and flees. The mating pull between them is strong though, and soon Dji and Kei fall in lust with each other. Both new to relationships, they struggle through their whirlwind romance and try to build a life together despite their differences. But then Dji starts acting weird and hides things from his mate.


Pumpkins and a Dress

Aleks and Ruben celebrate their first Halloween together in Norway. Ready for some kink? 🙂 Read the free short here.


2 thoughts on “Free Reads

  1. Hi Liza, I really enjoyed Reese and Charlie. I would love to see more of them. I am wondering if we might see a story about Charlie’s uncle, Brian? His reaction to Reese was adorable and I would like to read more about him.

    Thanks for the story, Liza!!


    1. Hi Susan!
      Sorry for not answering sooner. Somehow wordpress didn’t inform me of your comment. :/
      I’m happy that you enjoyed Reese and Charlie. And yes, I have plans for Uncle Brian. He’ll meet his perfect match. The next couple in the series are Phil, the unlucky accountant who was hurt by Charlie’s boss, and Richard, the cop who questioned Charlie and Reese at the hospital.


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