Anthony’s Tailor


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Love wears many faces, some of them surprisingly familiar…

Double your pleasure takes on a whole new meaning when tailor Aiden Fox runs into his latest ex at a wedding and learns he’s been dating the wrong twin! Maybe he should just give up on dating and stick to his business instead. And of course there’s his nosy grandma, and his feisty cat. So why does he dare to yearn for romance in his life?

Anthony Townsend is more than a little miffed at his identical twin for the havoc he’s wreaked, both with the bride-to-be and her tailor. His visit to Aiden’s shop is simply to check on the tailor, make amends for his brother. That’s what he tells himself, anyway.

Can Aiden trust the same face that done him wrong? Can Anthony forget that Aiden dated his twin brother? Can both men see beyond what’s on the surface long enough to discover what lies beneath? If they can do that, maybe love can find a way…


A few steps ahead of him, a door opened, and he could hear Trisha’s nasal voice. Please let me solve her problem quickly. The noise level coming from the room increased as a man stepped out into the hallway, and suddenly Aiden was eye to eye with… “Anthony?”

Aiden came to an immediate halt, his feet glued to the thousand-dollar carpet. He stared openmouthed at the man he thought he’d never see again. Dressed in a stunning tuxedo that was maybe a tad stuffy, but which suited his tall frame, he looked the same as the night of their disastrous dinner but…totally different.

The hot guy had sauntered into his shop a month ago. Aiden had always had a soft spot for tall, dark, and handsome. Add a pair of light brown eyes and Aiden had been swooning. However, Anthony had turned out to be a real prick. Aiden had severed all contact with Anthony after their last date. Why were handsome guys always straight or assholes?

Aiden’s face flushed hot. “Anthony?” he asked again. Inwardly, he cursed the fact his voice wasn’t as steady as he’d have liked it to be.

Anthony faced him, his expression changing from clearly exhausted to questioning. “Yes? May I help you?” He added a raised eyebrow to his puzzled question. His voice sounded different. It held a soft timbre Aiden had never heard from him before. Smooth, like honey.

Aiden felt his knees turn to jelly. Stupid. He was stupid, no other explanation needed. Anthony was a douche, a bastard who’d played with him just to find a way into his pants. Aiden shouldn’t be drooling over Mr. Dark and Sexy. He was a bit taken aback by his strong reaction.

It wasn’t much, but Aiden scraped up the last morsels of his battered dignity and pulled back his shoulders. “What are you doing here? Are you a friend of the Wintash family?”

Anthony now turned his whole body to face him and took two steps forward. “I’m sorry? Do we know each other?”

The bastard had the guts to act as though they’d never met before? Aiden scoffed. “You think you’re one hell of an actor, huh?” Aiden fisted his hands on his hips. “Look, it’s no big deal. We dated, it didn’t work out. No hard feelings. But there’s no reason for you to act as though we don’t know each other. You’re not a celebrity who needs to be afraid of his reputation.” Okay, maybe he’d snapped the last word. Maybe he’d even glowered at the sexy guy.

Instead of snapping back, Anthony remained polite. “This is a misunderstanding. I apologize, but now isn’t the best moment for a conversation. My brother will be getting married in two hours, I hope, and the bride is…” He trailed off and waved his hand dismissively.

Aiden hated it when people avoided arguments by staying cool and collected. Faced with so much bullshit, Aiden was at the end of his tether. “Are you fucking kidding me?” Oops. These halls had one hell of an echo. Aiden quickly clapped his hand over his mouth, knowing he was getting redder with every moment that passed. Not a good color for his fair complexion. Aiden rarely lost control. At least, not in public places. “Sorry—”

The next shock jolted Aiden to the core when another man joined him and Anthony in the corridor. The second man made him wonder whether his grandmother had spiked her cookies again. He’d told her to stop adding the damn weed when she hosted her women’s nights.

There, right next to Anthony, stood a second Anthony. In a perfectly tailored, fucking wedding suit.