The Denver Tryout

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Can a holiday love survive the obstacles of real life?

Drew and Calvin are still very much in love and busy melding their lives together. With Calvin’s support, Drew’s artistic career has taken off. But the press seems to be too fixated on their age difference for Cal’s taste.

Cal thought attending a book convention in Denver would be fun, besides being helpful to their careers. Spend a couple of days in a luxury suite, visit with old friends, meet some fans. But the week doesn’t turn out quite the way he’d hoped it would.

Drew’s time is not his own, between the fans and the demands of their publisher from the minute he reaches the hotel. Time and again, the time he’d hoped to spend with Calvin is cut short, through no fault of his own.  Matters aren’t helped when another author sets his sights on Drew, and their love is tested for the very first time.




Eccentric Author Burns Hollywood Contract in Midlife-crisis. Cal Richardson shook his head. “Damn vultures. I never liked journalists. This is the fourth time this particular newspaper has poured dirt all over my career.” He crushed the paper into a ball and threw it across the bedroom.

The comforter flipped back, revealing a shock of tangled blond hair and two annoyed, ocean-blue eyes. “I can’t believe you can bicker about the newspaper while I’m trying to give you a blowjob.” Drew sat up, crossing his arms over his chest in an adorable display of youthful indignation. “What a blow to my fragile ego. No pun intended.”

Cal sighed and pulled his boyfriend into his arms. “I’m sorry, babe. You want some breakfast?” He waved at the tray on their bedside table. Cal knew Drew was young enough to always be hungry —and in love enough to forgive him easily.

Drew rolled his eyes. “I was about to get some breakfast. You understand?” He brushed his hand over the blanket covering Cal’s morning wood.

Okay, maybe Drew wasn’t in a forgiving mood today. Then their gazes locked, and Drew’s eyes twinkled so mischievously Cal felt a pang of love in his heart.

Even as a bestselling author, after four months of being together, Cal still struggled to put his overwhelming feelings for Drew into words. He kissed Drew’s lush lips and chuckled quietly. “Minx.”

“Yeah. So?” Drew flicked a strand of hair out of his face. “Seriously. When you said we’d spend the week in a posh hotel suite, I thought we’d play naughty room service games. Hell, I’d even dress in one of those tiny uniforms to get you to throw me over the bed and ravish me.”

Cal threw back his head and laughed. “And I thought you packed those clothes for the costume party! Oh gods.” He brushed some tears out of his eyes. “I love you.”

Drew’s eyes sparkled as he straddled Cal’s lap. “I know. And I love you, too, old man. Don’t you ever forget it.”

“I won’t.” He wrapped his arms around Drew’s slender waist and pulled him against his chest. “Now, how about some riding lessons before breakfast? Then we can explore Denver.”

Drew licked Cal’s lips. “That’s more like it. Rock my world, Mr. Richardson.”