News from the Writing Cave

Heya! It's time for some updates 🙂 eXtasy books is having a summer book event like the one they did in December. One short story per day from a different author. The topic is, of course, summer and vacation. I've submitted a cute little May/ December romance. What else is going on? I'm working on London's… Continue reading News from the Writing Cave


Holiday Romance!

The best Christmas presents are those that touch the heart. Noël White has it all. A successful advertising agency, a huge designer apartment, and enough money to live comfortably. But he’s a lonely man, and the coming holidays only show him what he’ll never have. Oliver, the man he secretly loves. Oliver Toffey leads a… Continue reading Holiday Romance!

Coming Soon!

June 1st is just around the corner! If you ever wondered how a cat and a deer can fall in love, click here, go to extasy books' website and check out A Deer Surprise. And, yay, you can even PREORDER! 😀