Wildcat Hills Pride

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This is a free read, published with the “Don’t Read in the Closet” event 2015, and the unofficial prequel of the Wildcat Hills Pride series.

Kei Hirota, a cheetah shifter, is overjoyed when he stumbles across his mate while strolling in his shifted form. He can’t help himself and pounces on his mate, eager to get to know him.

However, Djimon is less than thrilled when the pesky cat chases after him. As an ostrich shifter, he’s understandably wary of predator shifters and flees.

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When you lose your fated mate, will you be brave enough to accept a second chance?

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Persian cat shifter Thony Cavanaugh has been in love with his best friend, Alan Abramowitz, for three years. Although Thony and Alan are fated mates, only Thony seems to feel the bond between them. Afraid of getting rejected by the strong beta, Thony doesn’t have the guts to confront Alan with his feelings. But everyone has a breaking point.

Alan reached that point sixteen years earlier, when he met his mate, the biker Jon, only to lose him to a terrible accident.

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When the woman you’ve been waiting for all your life turns out to be a man, will you be brave enough to open your heart for the possibility of love?


Viggo Cavanaugh leads an easy life. The European wildcat shifter loves his work as a climbing coach and travel guide, and he’s looking forward to meeting his mate and raising a passel of kittens with her. His life spins out of control when he returns home from a business trip to find his mate already waiting for him. His male mate.

Jaxon’s life has been in upheaval since he’s defied his alpha and…

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Bravery isn’t a matter of size, but one of the heart.


Math geek Asa Tibbs is no wilting flower, despite being a butterfly shifter with a reputation for fragility. When he learns his mate has been kidnapped, nothing will stop from rushing to his mate’s rescue. Least of all any objections by the Wildcat Hills Pride, whom he’s conveniently neglected to seek permission from.
Xander Powell, alpha of the Pride, is chagrined beyond belief. Not only has he been captured by a gang of deer shifters—an insult to his masculine pride alone—but he’s …

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If London has his way, this human and shifter pairing will be the event of the season!


Alpha Donavan Haas has a secret. Something he’d die before admitting to. To his coyote pack, he is stubborn, masculine, and dominant, but his inner self longs to be free. He’s living in a gilded cage, but who holds the key?

London Fishman is a quirky human nurse who’s read far too many shifter romance novels. Being kidnapped by Xander’s pride only …

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Regret has always been Romeo’s constant companion. Will he add to his own pain and let his chance for love slip through his fingers?


If pride goeth before a fall, what does bitter and nasty get you? If you’re Romeo Gatti, you end up a lonely recluse with no friends and no love life to speak of. He might be part of the Wildcat Hills Pride, but with his prickly personality, he’s not going to be a candidate for pride mate of the month anytime soon. A nasty break-up has hardened his heart and also his resolve to never be hurt again. That is, until Jules Armitage breezes into Wildcat Hills…    read more

On Silent Paws – Coming 2019

Vaughn & Finley