Short Story for GRL in October 

The Denver Tryout (follows Drew and Cal from “The Beach Affair”)


Wildcat Hills Pride

#4 Love of a Human (Donovan & London)

#5 Title pending (Jules & …)


Light and Dark

#2 So Blue (Phil & Rick)

#3 A Touch of Night and Day (Tennyson & Mitch)


Maryland Hearts

A series of books about a group of friends, located in wonderful Maryland. So far, I’ve got ideas for 5 books. (approx. word count: 75.000 each)

#1 – Anthony’s Tailor (planned for 2017 from Rooster & Pig)

#2 – Mason’s Intern (accepted by Rooster & Pig)

#3 – Calvin (first draft finished)

#4 – Owen

#5 – Gregory

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